Roller conveyor

Roller conveyors are suitable for transporting unit loads such as solid boxes or pallets with a stable, flat base.

Belt conveyor

Belt conveyors take on a large share of the conveying tasks in almost all industrial applications and are particularly suitable for transporting packaged and unpackaged unit loads of the most varied shapes and dimensions.

EHB electric monorail system

The electric monorail system (EMS) has been an established internal transport system for decades.

Chain conveyor

Chain conveyors are ideal for the intermittent transport of workpieces or pallets.

Lifting systems

We develop lifting systems for automation technology in a wide range of applications according to the customer’s needs.

Plastic modular belts

Modular belts are particularly characterised by their robustness and therefore also offer a very wide range for transport applications.


Technological cooperation with our suppliers is the basis for innovative solutions.

Skid conveyor

The skid conveyor technology is the optimal solution for the transport of heavy goods that are conveyed on transport frames.

Vertical conveyor in S and C

When it comes to overcoming height differences in logistics systems with high performance requirements, S conveyors are exactly the right choice.


The turntable is used to change direction, especially in confined spaces.

Eccentric lifting table

Eccentric lift tables connect conveyor systems at right angles and enable 90° changes in direction.