Vertical conveyor in S and C

S-conveyors and C-conveyors

When it comes to overcoming height differences in logistics systems with high performance requirements, S-conveyors are exactly the right choice.

The vertical conveyor for continuous horizontal-vertical transport moves everything gently and quickly, while accommodating a wide variety of products in shape and size without presorting.


VERTICAL CONVEYOR in S and C design for space-saving transport up to 400 kg per unit and capacity up to 2,000 pcs/h.

CONVEYORS for non-continuous transport:

LIFT for vertical transport with small number of pieces. Transport over several floors with any number of pick-up and delivery points The optimal operation of these machines is guaranteed by our rubber block pulling chains. In addition, special designs can also be made to customer specifications.

CUP WORKS Whether large or small, the sizes of the possible cups range from 100 mm wide to 1,200 mm. The material also varies: the standard cups are made of polyamide fiberglass. Upon customer request, there is a choice of aluminum, steel and stainless steel cups, as well as special materials on request.

The features and advantages of an S and C conveyor:

High conveying capacities
Suitable for a wide range of materials to be conveyed
Gentle product transport from horizontal and vertical movement without impacts
Space saving
Low noise
Robust design
Food safe designs possible
Various frame designs according to customer requirements
Platform according to customer requirements
Low maintenance and reliable operation with long service life
No lubrication required
Rubber block chain as maintenance-free traction element
No significant chain elongation.
Low energy requirement
Extremely long conveying distances possible
Low operating costs