Chain conveyor

Chain conveyors are ideal for the intermittent transport of workpieces or pallets. As a continuous conveyor, it is characterized by the fact that it can effortlessly move even large, bulky and particularly heavy conveyed goods. Specially manufactured according to the individual requirements of the customer or the conditions of the conveyed goods, it is equipped with two, three or four chain strands. Depending on the weight of the material to be conveyed, the chain conveyor is equipped and adapted with the appropriate size of chain. This allows flexible adaptation and integration in the customer’s production. Even possible unevenness on the bottom side of the conveyed material is compensated by the synchronously driven chains and thus does not represent an obstacle. In order to keep the wear of heavy-weight goods as low as possible, the conveyors are guided by wear-resistant steel glide bars or plastic glide profiles, thus we can guarantee a long service life.

I.W.A GmbH offers chain conveyors of different designs. In addition to classic chain conveyors, the company also manufactures toothed belt conveyors and multi-tooth V-belt conveyors with various drives for you.