Skid conveyor

Skid conveying is the optimal solution for the transport of heavy goods, which are conveyed on transport frames. This conveying method is often used in the automotive industry, e.g. for body shells.

The construction of a skid conveyor system is modular, so extensions and conversions of existing systems can be carried out without any problems.

Skid conveyor systems in detail:

Roller conveyors
Transfer cars
Swivel and rotary tables
Eccentric lift tables
Cross belt conveyors
Cross belt conveyors
Carrying chain conveyors
Carrying belt conveyors
Vertical transfer devices (lifters)
Transfer devices
Special equipment

Features and advantages of skid conveyors:

Flexible due to modular design in a building block system
Versatile due to precise adaptation to the transported material
Use where the material to be conveyed must be accessible from above
Compatible with all conveyor systems, storage, production and assembly equipment