Plastic modular belts

Modular belts are particularly characterized by their robustness and therefore also offer a very wide range of transport applications. They are more wear-resistant than belts and can also be used where sharp-edged transport material has to be conveyed. Due to different chain materials, this type of conveyor system is suitable for foodstuffs, high temperatures and chemical resistance.

Another advantage is that liquids can drip off the transport material through the chain. In addition, lateral forces can be absorbed extremely well, which means that workpieces can also be pushed transversely onto the conveyor belt. Due to the modular design in combination of curves, kinks and straight lines, almost any route can be realized.

I.W.A GmbH offers modular belts of different designs in various industries such as food, chemical and battery industry. From normal modular belts to inclined modular belts, we realize any conveyor belt according to your exact wishes and requirements.