Roller conveyor

Roller conveyors are suitable for transporting unit loads, such as solid boxes or pallets with a stable, level base.
Depending on the application, the optimum drive concept can be selected.
Whether gravity, tangential chain, motorized roller or friction drive, all systems are available as straight lines and curves.
One of the decisive advantages of roller conveyors is the modular construction principle, with this complex conveyor system can be expanded as desired.
In this way, companies can adapt their transport processes very flexibly to the spatial conditions and, if necessary, rebuild, expand or equip them with accessories.
Even difficult transport routes with curves are no problem for roller conveyors.

I.W.A GmbH offers roller conveyors of different designs. In addition to classic chain-driven conveyors, the company also manufactures gravity roller conveyors, accumulation roller conveyors and roller curves.