EHB electric monorail system

The electric monorail system (EMS) has been an established internal transport system for decades. It can be used across all industries.

An electric monorail system (EMS) is a floor-free, rail-bound means of transport with individually driven vehicles that move independently on the rail system. With the help of switches, branching points can be realized on the track. The rails are either attached to the ceiling of the hall or, if the ceiling is too high, to a suspended or elevated steel structure. The vehicles are usually supplied with power and control signals via conductor lines on the mounting rail.


  • fast, gentle, noiseless and energy-efficient transport
  • transport over several levels
  • ground clearance and flexibility
  • extremely high availability
  • low investment in case of power increase
  • use of switches for parallel routing
  • Low maintenance operation
  • State-of-the-art communication (W-LAN)

EHB can take over completely individual transport tasks for you. Floor areas remain available for you as production and working areas. A transport system that can be expanded and modified can thus take on new tasks in a future-proof manner. Our electric monorail systems already transport batteries, refrigerators and airport luggage. Through different gripping devices we can move almost any floor material.

State-of-the-art communication and control via W-LAN, adapted to your requirements.